We love and care for the earth and she gives us top quality products.

The Horta de Carmen is a small family business formed initially by Carmen Augustine’s (her husband) and Balthasar (his brother) and is motivated by concern for the pollution caused by agricultural land conventional. After several reflections and thanks to the invaluable collaboration of the company “Veritas,” which has a very similar concerns, we decided to grow organic products that were environmentally and people.

Along with Carmen Agusti and Baltasar are also working two sons, Sebastian and Martin and of course, regular workers, Nati, Albert, Joseph, Micheline and Grazyna


The land where we work and produce our products is located in Camar, a village of Baix Ebre (Tarragona).

At this time, we are exploiting 35 hectares of land, including orchards and fruit trees. We also have a large warehouse and workshop, where clean, classify and match the products we carry in the field, to make available to the client in optimal conditions.

Our farms are regulated by the requirements established by the CCPA and the EU organic production. Every so often, the Earth passes through the controls stipulated by the facts relevant agents. That is, you can enjoy full confidence in our products are completely organic!